Three on Thursday: Generosity

The incredible, edible egg.

I’ve thought a lot about generosity of late. I strive to be generous (in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and what I have failed to do, the Catholic girl in me wants to chant, not in an act of penance, but in an act of edification), and I admire generosity in others so much. So today’s list will be about generosity, particularly generosity shown to me.

  1. Look at those eggs! My lovely student Teresa brought them to me (fresh from her adorable chickens) this week with an open-hearted generosity that reminds me how fortunate I am to know my students.
  2. Ann Wood‘s free patterns. I am always willing to pay for patterns. I want to support designers and makers whose work I admire. Yet there’s a generous sweetness when a designer offers a pattern to the world, sharing the joy of making something to delight.
  3. Free Writing Support. My dear friend and mentor Joyce Hayden offers Writing with Joy, a free writing accountability hour. If you are a writer, you will love this low-pressure group. I have joined a few times and it has been so productive. She writes on Zoom from 7-8pm eastern Monday-Thursday and anyone who wants to set that time aside for themselves, is welcome to join her on Zoom and spend an hour working on your project. To join, email her at sends links for the week on Sunday evening…you join at your convenience..every night, once a week, once a month! Give it a try!!!

I’d love to hear how you’ve been generous lately or about someone you’ve noticed being generous. Can there ever be enough generosity?

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