My Dog and What I’m Making for Rhinebeck

Maddie is tucked into the chair next to me.  Her body when she’s on her side is just the right height for me to use her as an armrest, which makes typing more comfortable for me.  Despite the fact that she puked up her entire dinner while I was knitting with my girlie Cae, (yup, she’s a pukey dog.  Maybe the fact that she scarfs her food after practically hyperventilating from excitement about getting it has something to do with it) she (Maddie, just for pronoun clarity) is very stinky.  I’ll be blunt.  She’s farting up a storm.  But I love her, so I won’t make her get off the chair.  And she does make a great armrest.

As the excitement for Rhinebeck grows throughout Blogland, I’ve learned (fiber festival newbie that I am) that proper form is to wear something one has knit to Rhinebeck.  Since my socks probably wouldn’t impress anyone (ok, I’m not out to impress, but who would notice them unless I keep doing high kicks?), I’m going to finish my very pink Clapotis.  I’m not as crazy about the yarn as when I bought it last year, but maybe once I’m done and wearing it with a black turtleneck I’ll like the yarn once more.  I can tell you one thing: I love dropping stitches when I’m meant to.  It’s rocking my world right now.

I had a good teaching day today.  It was one of those days when my lesson got even better because of what started as my giving background about Aristotle as I defined ethos, pathos, and logos (are you having Freshmen English nightmares?  I may teach dull stuff, but I’m passionate about it.  And I wear cute shoes.) turned into a way to better explain the terms.  I’m not being as clear as I could, but my point is that something unplanned turned into that really special light in my students’ eyes. If you’re a teacher, you know what I mean. 

Up Jumps the Whale

Glouster_port Saturday, my last day with my sister before she took her kids back to TN, was spent just outside of Gloucester Port.


We saw tails.

Feeding_time We saw mouths.

Bev1_sock___ww1 I knit Sock Two for my Summer of Socks/Cascade Fixation/UFO August projects.

This was my third whale watch, the first in over 20 years, and the best ever.  The weather was perfect, the whales were delightful (I’m sure just for us), and the naturalist on the boat was excited by the cooperative feeding going on among four whales. 

Plus my sister and I had an excuse (not really, but we pretended) to sing "Brandy", my very favorite song.  Go on.  Sing a few lyrics just for me.  I’ll hear you through blogland.

My love, my life and my lady is the sea. Dit-dooda-dit-dooda-dit.

Package and UFO pictures later.

3,500 Miles

I’ve started to settle in to life in Connecticut.  It’s humid here.  I knew that before I moved–after all, I was raised here before I took off for New York.  But almost two years in the high desert makes a girl forget.  The upside?  My skin feels so soft.  The downside?  Um, breathe under water much?  Ok, so it’s not that bad, but life in a veritable rain forest is tres different from life in New Mexico.

Oh, you’d like to know what I saw on the drive home?  Well, sure, I’ll be glad to share with you.  We headed out around noon, after paying up at the UPS Store (which I adore.  If you don’t have a ton of stuff to move, this is the way to go.  And if you need to ship, and you’re in the North Valley, go visit Pat.  She’s a doll.  She kept me from panicking.  And so far, all the boxes that I’ve unpacked have arrived unscathed) and one last breakfast at El Camino Real Restaurant on old 66.  Our first stop was Las Vegas, NM, where we walked around, looked at cool old buildings, and visited the Plaza Hotel, home of the Rough Riders‘ reunion.Img_0850

It was too early to think about dinner, so Neal took the wheel, and we continued north on I-25.  Northern New Mexico is just beautiful, don’t you think so?  We got past Denver the first night, but before we found a hotel, I saw the Rockies for the Img_0857  first time.  I cried.  Really.  Now, I’ve seen the Alps a few times, and I’ve been suitably awed by them, but the sight of these HUGE snow capped mountains right here in the U.S.A. got to me. 

My girl Dana (part of my new CNF Writing Club.  Yeah, we need a cooler name, but that will come in time) has raved about Fort Collins since I met her two years ago, so we had to stop there, and why not for breakfast?  It lived up to the cool factor she’s been giving it, and breakfast at the Cafe Bluebird was elegant and delish.  Possibly the best cup of coffee on the entire trip.  Our delightful breakfast on the porch led to another late start, but we made it into Wyoming before bedtime.  In Img_0864 fact, we made it to the nation’s first National Monument:  Devils Tower, or more fitting to my way of thinking, Bear Lodge.  Just as we were about halfway around the loop at the base of the tower, the skies darkened up (and yes, big sky is MIGHTY big out there) and thunder boomers made us pick up our pace a little more.  This felt like a truly sacred place to me, and I’m so glad that I was able to Img_0885 see it in person.  I was never that intrigued by it from seeing pictures, but now that I’ve stood below it and looked up, the pictures inspire a lot more awe in me.  There were several rock climbers hard at work; I imagine it is super cool to see the top of the tower, but I won’t be trying that any time soon!

We spent the night in Sturgis, but not before driving through Deadwood in hopes of finding a cool little town.  Um, no.  It’s a crazy casino town, way too glitzy and crowded for my taste.  So back to Sturgis we went. Neal and I both fell in love with the Black Hills.  So much so that we’ve been scheming for a week about how to acquire a nice bit of property there.  Ah, pipe dreams!

Img_0932 Ok, so I’m not one of the faces carved into a mountain, but you can’t faulImg_0937t a girl for a little make believe, can you?  Mount Rushmore was neat, and I enjoyed walking around the park a lot, but I really liked seeing the in-progress Crazy Horse Memorial.  Korczak Ziolkowski and his family have dedicated their lives to the memorial, and I thought it was a wonderful story to hear.

Img_0947 After leaving the Memorial, we meandered through the Black Hills a bit more, where we came across four of these fellows.  I can only imagine what it must have been like to see herds of buffalo that covered the countryside. 

Are you still with me?  The travelogue is about done.  A stop at (yes, Scout!) Wall Drug was tons of fun.  I don’t normally eat donuts.  It’s not that I don’t love them, but I once heard that they stay in your system for seven days.  I’m sure lots of other foods do, too, but for some reason, that grossed me out enough to give donuts up.  Well, I ate a donut at ol’ Wall Drug.  It was worth every bite.  A. Maze. Ing.  And, yes, I got my glass of free ice water.  It’s worth a stop.

The next day we did a whole lot of driving.  We stopped for lunch in Iowa.  There were two choices at this little gas station stop:  a restuarant with lots of cars or a restuarant with no cars.  Neal voted for the former.  "But, look at the cute paintings of the rooster and cow," I insisted as I voted for the latter.  "Maybe the lack of cars is just ’cause lunch is over" (in my defense, it was 2:00).  Ok.  Neal was right.  I ordered the "veg burger" (because, yes, I’m a vegetarian).  Wanna know what that meant in this particular place?  That the beef patty came with lettuce, pickle, and tomato.  Veggies, right? 

I had a too-short, but fun visit in Nashville with my sister and her two sweet kids, and of course, a trip to my favorite yarn shop, Threaded Bliss Yarns.  Then all along Route 40 until we started heading north.  Finally, my new home in the temperate rain forest.  With my dogs and my guy.  A good ending to a fun trip.

Yarn news tomorrow:  Yarns that arrived in the mail, and books purchased at Threaded Bliss.  Maybe even an update on Shaddie!

Where in the World?

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m safe and sound in TN.  I’ve fallen in love with South Dakota (I promise pictures once I’m settled in CT)–there’s some mighty cool stuff there!  I have a entire day in TN with my sister, including a visit to Threaded Bliss Yarns tomorrow.  If only my SnB girlies were gonna be with me.  I miss you already! More to come over the weekend. 

I’m Off

I’ll be on a plane heading to Austin in a matter of hours, so I’m going to keep this short.  I’m taking a boatload of school work on my spring break with me, but I’m hoping to get ahead on a few projects.  On the knitting front, after dropping five stitches at SnB Tuesday night, I tried on the Jaywalker.  Yes, the first one.  Yes, I"m still knitting it.  I couldn’t get it over my heel, but everyone assured me it would stretch.  If not, my UNM girly, R., has tiny feet.  She may be getting a cute pair of handknit socks.  I think my SnB friends were trying to keep me from having a Jaywalker meltdown.  But I’ll be ok.  Really.

I’m taking them with me on the trip, and because I’m such an optimist, I’m also bringing the Retro Rib sock pattern from IK Winter 2004, yarn and two US 2 circs.  That’s my Sockapaloooza project.  I’d best get started!  I’m also bringing the pattern for a cute felted bag.  See, I think I have a month off rather than ten days.  But let’s just see what I can accomplish.

I’ll try to post while I’m away.  If not, I’ll be back soon!

Sunday Field Trip and Contest Drawing to a Close

My girly Scout always has a fun trick up her sleeve.  Here’s the latest:  let’s take a virtual field trip to visit all our blogfriends.  On Sunday morning, post a picture of your backyard, or your favorite part of your crib (I spent a lot of years living sans backyard.  My little 3′ x 7′ balcony rocked my world for years).  I’ll plan to take the field trip while I sip my coffee in my backyard (it’s been in the 70s in NM.  The big advantage over NY), so post early!

On my "old" blog I posted a contest:  Name Miss Lendrum, My Wheel.  So far, the entries include Charlotte, Wanda (gotta say it like a New Yorker), Twisted Sister, Aurora and Minerva (INMA30, I might need contact info!), Louisa or Louina, and Wilhelmina.  The prize?  A skein of funky yarn from my former LYS in Irvington, NY.  You’ve seen the ads.  You’ve seen the yarn van.

I’m listening to Johnny Cash while I write.  Don’t you wish there was going to be one more album from him?  I miss the Man in Black. 

I’m reading a story at the Southwest Symposium on Saturday, but I haven’t decided which one.  I’d better get cracking on that decision!  I’m excited to teach today, too.  I’m copying a lesson from Greg Martin.  I"m teaching Leonardo the Terrible Monster.    Yes, I’m going to read a children’s story to a class of adults.  It seems that the idea of story is elusive.  Sure, we know about Frietag’s Triangle, but putting it into action is sometimes a little tough.  Mo Willems has it down perfectly, though.  His book makes a fun lesson.  Let’s hope I don’t bomb!