Who Hoots for You?

Owls for Quinn

I knit this for my colleague’s new son. I couldn’t find just the right shade of ¬†our university’s Owl Blue, but this is close enough. Seriously, this may be the most fun I’ve ever had knitting. I don’t usually knit for babies as they, well, grow out of things so quickly. I had a hankering to make a baby vest, and when I saw the Owl Baby Vest pattern, I could not resist.

I used just under two skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and Knitter’s Pride size 2 needles. I prefer my Addi Clicks lace tips for most knitting, but I especially like the Knitter’s Pride dpns. The tips stay strong.

Who Hoots for You?

I may just take up baby knitting more often!

How about you…what is the most fun thing you’ve knit?

Dear Clapotis,


I remember the first time I saw you, sitting in my little section of my breezeway-converted-into-an-office at the college in New York where I wrote grants between dreaming over knitting patterns.  I copied and pasted you and saved you as "French Scarf" and knew I had to have you.  I tried with pink Silky Wool in 2005, but before I finished, I changed my style of knitting and my gauge got all kerplunky.  

Here it is, five years later, and at last you and I are together forever.  I lucked out on the yarn, I think. Neal  said he believes you are the prettiest thing I've ever knit (prettier than the wedding shawl, even!  Imagine!).  Sure, you must be one of the most commonly knit patterns of all time (or at least recent memory), but there's a reason for that, isn't there, Clapotis?  You've got that je n'ai sais quoi that makes a girl feel elegant in an instant.

I started you back in August, thinking that you'd be a quick knit, and for other knitters, I'm sure you are.  Each night while in Vermont for my writing workshop, I'd knit a little bit, but then along came other distractions.  You've forgiven me, right?  I know you have.  I sense that generosity of spirit I so admire in others in you.  Right after holiday knitting was completed, though, you were first in my mind. 

I will have to go a long way to find another who wins my heart this way.  But, then, it was love at first sight back in 2004, wasn't it?  Our time has finally arrived.

With devotion and love,


Beginnings and Endings

Don't you love the start of things?  Whether it's a birthday, a new semester, or the start of a new year, beginnings are great.  All the potential of success is there, right in front of me.

This holiday season was a festive one, but I confess to being glad it is over.  I like hunkering down in the cozy house (and my newly cleaned and rearranged office) after a chilly walk in the woods with the girls. I like the quiet pace of winter break.  

The end of things can be good, too.  Ending a good book is bittersweet, but satisfying, just as ending a good knit is.  I ended 2009 with a knit that was one of my favorites of the year.  Made for my fantastic niece who is a Twilight fan, the Bella's Mittens were pure joy to knit.  My LYS had a sample done in Ella Rae Kamelsoft (same yarn the fabulous ADDKnitter used for hers) and when I tried them on, I knew the gray Cascade 220 I had planned to use doubled would find another project. I may make a pair for myself, too.  I like the way the gauntlet narrows at the wrist in this pattern.  The fit is, well, like a glove.

Any beginnings or endings making you happy?

Candy Corn Toast

I loved the Green Beer yarn from Beth at Sugar Spun Yarns so much that I had to pick up some Candy Corn, too.  I wanted a new pair of fingerless mitts to wear to work and running errands.  The ones I wear to walk the dogs…well, shall we just say they have more of an Oliver Twist feel than I really want them to have?  

After much deliberation on Ravelry, I settled on Toast as the perfect pattern to show off the scrump-delicious yarn.  I modified the pattern by not making a complete thumb, but added a little buttonhole thumb instead.  That mod is all over the Rav, so I take no credit.  I do love being able to wear these either way.  It is surprising just how much I like having them on with shorter sleeves.  I think they make a cute addition to my winter wardrobe, and they have real practical value, too.  What more could a girl want?

I finished these in October, but I haven't posted much (as you know) in the last month.  I have two other projects off the needles, and as soon as I get pictures, I'll show you!  Aren't you breathless with anticipation now???


Originally uploaded by PoMo Golightly

Gigi was kind enough to agree to model my latest lace shawl: Ishbel from Whimsical Little Knits. I wanted to make something special for a good friend's 40th birthday, and I think I chose just the right pattern.  I blocked it today, and yet again, the magic of blocking wowed me.

I've been spinning about an hour a day for Tour de Fleece, and spinning on my bike a lot, too.  The rain has finally gone away, and CT has had amazing, warm, breezy days.  The tomatoes are starting to bear fruit, and flowers are blooming all over the meadow.

This weekend will be filled with parties, knitting, reading, and spinning of both kinds.  How about you?  What are your plans for the weekend?

Free pattern: Two Babies, Two Skeins, Two Hats

As soon as I knew I was going to Albuquerque to see my good friend Dana's twins, I decided to make hats just like them: similar, but not the same.  There are close to a zillion baby hats out there, but I used my own know how about hats and came up with this sweet little take on two hats for two babies. 

Two Babies, Two Skeins, Two Hats

fits 3-6 mos. olds, but easily adjustable

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Babybamboo two skeins in contrasting colors.
Needles: size 7 dpns or short circulars (I used 12" circs until the crown decreases, when I switched to dpns) or needle size needed for 5 sts/inch.

Cast on 80 stitches in main color and join, being careful not to twist. Mark beginning of round.  Knit for three inches.  Join contrast color at the start of a round (you may like to use the jogless jog method), and knit for one inch.  At the start of the next round, drop the contrast color and return to the main color.  You'll begin decreases as follows:

Row 1:* K2tog, knit 8* 
Row 2 and every even row thereafter: Knit
Row 3: *K2tog, knit 7*
Row 5: *K2tog, knit 6*
Row 7: *K2tog, knit 5*
Row 9: *K2tog, knit 4*
Row 11: *K2tog, knit 3*
Row 13: *K2tog, knit 2*
Row 15: *K2tog, knit 2*
Row 17: *K2tog, knit 1*
Row 19:  *K2tog*

Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, which you'll thread through the live stitches.  Weave in the tails.

Make a second hat in the opposite colorways, and see how cute your favorite twins look…or give your singleton a contrasting hat wardrobe!

After knitting a few scarves and socks, I spent the first year or so of my knitting life making chemo caps.  I learned the simple formula that allowed me to make these baby hats through trial and error: find the recipient's head measurement, multiply that by your sts/inch, cast on, knit for a while, and decrease.  I always start my decreases at 10% of my cast on stitches.

Please send me a picture if you make the TB,TS,TH hats!

Puff Daddy

I finished the first of many Puff Daddies at SnB last Tuesday, and Sarah graciously agreed to model it while Spring shot a picture. I went a little crazy on the big pompom, but I like the extra width of this version. My Christmas knitting is this close to being completed…a few Puffs, a few Bijouterie, and I can call it a day. I do need to start wrapping gifts, though.

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes for Maddie. I would do so individually, but Typepad is making responding to comments a bit tricksy today. In any case, Maddie came home this afternoon. She was thrilled to see Tilly, meh about Coco, and over the moon for Neal. She has to wear a cone to keep her from messing with her sutures, but we got the go ahead to keep it off her if she's good about not obsessing. Right now she's next to me on the sofa, sound asleep, sans collar. The house feels right again with her in it.

Maybe now I can turn on some holiday music and really feel the grace and joy of the season. What do you do to ensure you don't forget the real meaning of the holidays?


Lolly hosts the most fun projects, in part because they are well-thought-out, and in part because they are low pressure.  My Socktoberfest fun this year included participating in the Halloween Sock Kit Swap (as the creator of the original KSKS, I find it hard to resist a kit swap).  When Kirsten announced her TTL Mystery Sock pattern as her contribution to Socktober festivities, I figured, why not?  This amazing yarn was included in my kit from Jenna (Rav link), and I cast on right away on Thursday evening.  I’ve really enjoyed having a sock on the needles, and there’s some excitement as I attempt to catch up (Clue 2 was issued on Wednesday).  I’m doing one sock at a time, but I don’t think I’ll suffer from SSS with this pattern and bright autumnal yarn!

Lady of the Lake…at Last

Img_1480The sun came out, so we were finally able to get in a shoot for the Lady of the Lake.  This was truly an easy knit; I just got distracted by other things over the course of the year.  Now, though, she’s done and ready for Rhinebeck.  I used an antique pin from my great-grandmother as a closure, but I might look for something more lightweight.

Visit my Ravelry page for more pictures and details.  Now I turn my attention to another lady–February Lady!


No pictures, but trust me: I finished my Lady of the Lake sweater.  I cast off just after last night’s debate, and I’ve spent the afternoon weaving in ends.  Done!  Gigi the dress form is wearing her until I can figure out where to block.

I’ve figured out my next weaving project.  I’m going to make myself a delicate open-weave shawl.  I have a few sewing projects to clear from my work desk, and I’d like to warp the loom this weekend so the weaving can begin.

It’s knitting night at Creative Fibers, but Neal’s not feeling well, and I promised him "feel good" soup–veggie broth with loads of veggies and some pasta.  I don’t want to leave him while he’s down.  Unless, of course, he wants to be alone to nurse his sniffles.

The dogs are restless, wanting their walk.  An hour ago, the skies were dark and ominous.  Now…bright blue and sunshine.  I’d best get out there before things change again.

Hope you’re having a fun Friday afternoon.  What are your plans for the weekend?