The Next Four Years

I stayed up until 2 to watch the President’s speech, and it was worth it. I woke up inspired by this thought:

What can I do over the next four years to improve my beloved United States? (click to Tweet)

It’s time for me to take more responsibility as a citizen, and I’m going to think hard about my skills and how I can put them to use. It’s not enough to get fired up at election time. I want to keep this energy going. Here are some of my early morning ideas:

  • Run free resume and cover letter workshops online and in person
  • Volunteer to tutor in an underserved community
  • Write for a non-profit that aligns with my values
  • Teach in a prison

I’ll keep brainstorming. I know I’ll find meaningful ways to use my teaching and writing to move our United States* FORWARD!

I know many of you donate time and/or money to help your fellow citizens, and many of you don’t talk about it publicly. I invite you to inspire us all–what do you do or what do you plan to do in the next four years to improve the lives of your fellow citizens?


*I’ve decided that I will stop calling my country America and stick to using the United States. One little way to remind myself that we must stop being so fractious.