This week marked the official (well, in my mind, “official”, if official can mean “no longer drawing in a journal, but actual to-scale rendering has commenced”) start of Phase Next for our Five (-ish) Year Plan to Improve the Little Yellow Ranch with the Orange Door.

In other words, Neal has dusted off his drafting skills and begun to create the plans for the mudroom/guest bedroom addition.  We’ve planned it for quite some time and have diligently squirreled away enough funds to start.  Once the plans are finalized (this version is exploratory, in part so I can really grasp what Neal has described up until now via arm gestures and tape measures) and approved, the foundation will be poured (we’re contracting that out), and Neal will spend the summer framing.  The optimistic time frame is that some time around February the interior will be complete, too.



I’ve already decorated the guest room, at least in my mind and via Pinterest.  It will be quite charming and cozy, and I hope will have lots of visitors enjoying it!

What new projects have you excited lately?



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