I know how it feels. You’ve written a short story, finished the first draft of your novel, developed a grant proposal. You know the piece isn’t there yet, but you’re not quite sure what to do next. You may be too close to it. You may not be able to see the gaps. You might wonder if your argument is constructed logically.

Detailed, critical, direct yet encouraging feedback can make all the difference between shelving a writing project and submitting it.

I’m here to offer you that feedback.  To help you discover what is excellent and courageous in your work and to identify areas that crave more attention. I’ll bring my expertise in writing in a wide variety of genres (fiction, creative non-fiction, blogging, grant writing, business writing) for myriad audiences and purposes, along with my curious, inquiring mind (I live in a state of What if?) to your manuscript.

So how do we get started figuring out your next step?

Once you decide to work with me, I’ll email you a brief questionnaire to find out more about your writing project. You’ll send me your manuscript and any specific questions you have about it. I’ll read it once to get familiar with it. I’ll read it a second time, making copious marginal comments, pointing to stellar moments and identifying places where it stumbles. Then I’ll write a feedback memo that describes my experience with your work and my ideas for revision. You’ll have the option to talk to me about the feedback for 30 minutes by phone, FaceTime, or Skype within a week of receiving my feedback.

The support won’t end there. I limit the number of writing clients I work with at any given time so that I can be available if a question arises while you revise. While I can’t read the revision without booking another session, I can clarify my feedback, give the thumbs up to your plan, and confirm you’re on the right path. You can contact me up to three times by email for such support within a month after you receive my comments.

I provide direct, clear feedback to improve your work. Before you bring it to me, make sure you are ready to make it tighter, clearer, and better…even if that means ‘killing your darlings’. I’m glad to answer questions to help you decide if you are ready to work with me. Contact me to start the conversation!