Who biked 50 miles today?











This woman!

I participated in Trails in Motion, an event to raise funds for my local greenway. This was meant to be a training ride for the century I want to do, but I had to acknowledge that the five training weeks I missed because of illness (nothing serious; I’m on the mend!) may force me to postpone that dream until 2013.

I’m pleased with my performance today, though. I was a little short of the pace I’d hoped to keep, but I felt strong until around mile 35. My feet got a little numb. After walking around for a few minutes at a rest stop, they felt better. Around mile 40, my thighs got pretty sore. I started to coast, so I dug deep into my well of strength and forced myself to maintain a steady cadence.

At mile 50, when I returned to the starting point, I was a little shaky, but proud.

I’m a smidge closer to reaching my goal, and I’m going to savor that feeling for the rest of the day.

What have you done that’s made you proud lately?