What a Wonderful Feeling, I’m Happy Again…

Project 365 006

I woke up with a touch of jet lag on Monday (that darn Spring forward!).  Adding to my crankiness, the clear skies and sunshine of the weekend had given way to rain.  The benefit of the rain is that it helps melt away the snow; the drawback is the back yard resembles a mud pit.  I groused as I dressed in jeans, again, for work.  I miss my pretty clothes! I complained to Neal, but I don't have time between the last morning romp and my departure for school to change, and I don't want my Uggs getting muddy, and my slip-on shoes (nicknamed my sh*t shoes as I don't mind if I step in a bit of poo with them on) will slip right off in the mud.

I stopped at T.J. Maxx on my way home and solved my problem with a pair of plastic rain boots.  I'd hoped for bright yellow, but I'm pleased with black and red.  My stockinged legs stay protected, and these babies were made for mud. 

I'm singing in the rain, baby.  Just singing in the rain.

It doesn't hurt that the new KnittySpin is out today, with one of the prettiest bits of lace I've seen.  What has you singing, even in the rain?

Project 365 Begins

Penny and I agreed to embark on Project 365 together. My goals are to learn to use my digital cameras more effectively and to keep a photo journal of my 40th year. Only one picture from the first ten days is missing–I left off the one of my desk in utter chaos, but you can visit my Flickr pages and see it if you like.

I'm secretly hoping for a snow day (okay, not-so-secretly), but I'm still going to spend an hour or so prepping for work tomorrow, just in case. During daylight today (note to self, get better lighting for the writing/weaving room) I worked on winding a warp so I can dress my loom. I had at least four different resources open; none made sense alone. Once I'm confident that I know what I'm doing, I will write a tutorial, mainly for my own reference, but also for anyone else like me who isn't learning well from available materials. A snow day tomorrow would mean another entire day for playing with the loom. Fingers crossed.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?